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Dimension Data’s 2011 Network Barometer Report


On the 23rd of May, Dimension Data announced the release of our 2011 Network Barometer Report. This report represents the aggregate data from the Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) Assessments we conducted during 2010. It is the first significant piece of collateral that reflects our new corporate identity, and I think that the creative and technical teams that put it together have captured the essence of the new brand by highlighting our services-centric approach to client experience.

For the new report, we aggregated data from 270 TLM Assessments conducted across the globe in 2010. It is clear from this year’s results that businesses are maximising their investment by choosing to sweat network assets, replacing them later in their lifecycle. While this can be seen as good financial practice, organisations should not do it at the expense of security and compliance. This report focuses primarily on risk and compliance as well as providing guidance for remediation in each of the focus areas.

Along with traditional thought leadership on device security vulnerabilities (PSIRT), device obsolescence and configuration variance from best practice, this year we also look at the security, operational and network impact our clients face when running mutiple versions of IOS. Our analysis on Cisco IOS gives insight into the number of unique versions of IOS that clients are running in their environments and the results took us by surprise, with 11 clients having more than a hundred discreet versions of IOS and many more having between 50 and 100! This sprawl could have a significant impact on security patch management, operational cost and network uptime… all of which are explored in the full report.

With three years worth of data available and an interesting new area of analysis, this year’s report affords us the opportunity to have even richer discussions with our clients than in the past. This additional visibility and understanding gives Dimension Data the ability to provide deep insight into the state of an organisation’s network infrastructure and positions us as the partner of choice when planning network investment.

For more information on the Network Barometer Report 2011 and to download a copy please click here.

Ky Ox
Group Marketing Manager: Network Integration
Dimension Data
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