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Celebrating our new brand!


Earlier this week, Dimension Data announced our refreshed brand and identity to the marketplace. Over the weekend, our offices were re-painted, re-signed and re-branded and this week, our employees have been celebrating the refreshed brand across the globe. Activities, updates and charity events were organised in all of our offices, getting everyone involved – the refresh isn’t just for the company’s image, it represents the rejuvenated energy of our employees who are the personalities behind Dimension Data, and our refreshed dedication to our clients, the heart of our business.

Check out some of the activities that took place this week – and stay tuned as we bring you more photos and videos of refresh activities around the globe!

The main event – unveiling our refreshed brand to employees in the Middle East & Africa:

Launching on the Vegas strip and Dimension Data tattoos! Celebrations in the Americas:

A lion dance to inaugurate the new Dimension Data brand in Asia:

Melbourne’s executives in Australia wearing our new colours and our employees painting it green:

Celebrations across Europe involved every man and their dog:

For more footage of our refresh, check us out on Facebook and Flickr!