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Green is the new red: celebrations across Asia Pacific


On 10 May 2011, Datacraft changed its signature red logo to a refresh green logo as Dimension Data. To celebrate the landmark occasion, our Asian operations took the opportunities to host employees’, clients’ and vendor partners’ events to launch our new brand.  The celebrations were carried out in various forms ranging from a green race, trail walks and parties to media briefings in all 13 countries for the month of May.

In Singapore, where our Asia headquarters is located, we unveiled the new brand during a traditional ceremony by having a lion dance to “bless” the new logo during the auspicious hours as indicated by our geomancer.

Elsewhere, in countries such as Hong Kong, the launch took the form of a roast pig cutting ceremony, which is customary for such celebrations. 

In addition to the celebrations, we also promoted the Dimension Data brand in Asia through channels such as advertisement campaigns on the brand change through various print, online and outdoor media, including television commercials…

… and social media campaigns via Facebook and Twitter to engage, communicate and collaborate with our target audiences. 

And after all that, the most popular form of celebration seemed to be cake cutting and the distribution of cupcakes with the Dimension Data brand!

Esther Quah
Director, Brand Management
Dimension Data Asia Pacific

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