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Dimension Data runs for a good cause


To celebrate the Dimension Data brand refresh in the United Kingdom, our employees donned our new spring green and put on our environmental hats, organising a charity fun run in support of something close to our hearts and very close to our European head office: the restoration of Fleet Pond. Fleet Pond Society’s Clearwater Campaign aims to raise money to restore the pond which is located next to our compound in Fleet, Hampshire, providing more seating, improving the footpaths and bridges and installing more fishing jetties.

Our UK employees raised money by taking part in a 12 hour fun run around the pond, passing a batton throughout the day with at least one person jogging (or walking, we took it easy!) around the pond at all times from 7am until 7pm. Our employees raised almost £500 – Dimension Data matched the monies raised, bringing the total donated to £1,000.

Colin Gray, Chairman of Fleet Pond Society, said, “I would like to thank all the staff at Dimension Data for their generous response in organising and taking part in this event and to extend my gratitude to the management of Dimension Data for kindly agreeing to match the amount raised.

The Clearwater Campaign aims to raise enough money to meet the cost of all the preparation work that is required to support a bid for lottery funding and sponsorship for a Restoration Programme. If all the component projects of the Programme are supported, and completed, over a period of years, the total cost is likely to be in excess of £2 million. Support from companies, such as Dimension Data, takes us a step further in achieving the objective of having preparation funding available.”

If you would like to support the Refresh Fleet Pond initiative by making a donation, please click here.