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Let Dimension Data take your business where it needs to go


At Dimension Data we believe in the power of technology to transform your organisation, to make things work better… and take your business to the next level. But this can’t be achieved through a series of ad-hoc interventions or point solutions – every IT estate has a myriad of interdependencies. This doesn’t necessarily make managing IT more difficult. It does mean taking a step back to consider the bigger picture and then implementing the appropriate management tools and processes. What’s called for is a lifecycle IT services approach: thorough planning, seamless integration as well as the requisite level of support and management to keep the environment robust and responsive.

Our brand refresh aligns our market positioning to deliver consistent and exceptional IT services to our clients. With our clients at the heart of our business, we have designed services across the entire IT lifecycle to support your needs, including: Consulting Services, Professional Services, Support Services, Managed Services and IT Outsourcing Services. Further to these, our global footprint – spanning 49 countries across five continents – also allows us to provide robust International Business services and Logistics and Supply Chain support. We draw on our compelling and complementary global partnerships with vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, EMC, VMWare, McAfee and Check Point, in the 49 countries in which we operate. If your objectives call for expertise further afield, we’ll draw on our comprehensive network of Preferred Partners, whose reach extends across an additional 70 countries.

Our employees, and indeed the collective energy of Dimension Data, are focused on helping our clients accelerate and achieve their ambitions. Through dedicated Account Managers and Global Account Teams, we will take the time to understand the needs of our clients – whether local or global – to deliver the best possible solution.