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There’s nothing like a spring clean!


In Australia, although we were deep into Autumn (or Fall for our colleagues in the US) when we launched Dimension Data’s new brand on May 10, we saw it as a great opportunity internally to do a ‘Spring Clean’.

We have a very active corporate social responsibility program in Australia called ‘Heads Hearts and Hands’, with volunteer teams running various fundraising and community activities in each of our seven offices around the country. In the lead up to the brand refresh launch, we engaged our Volunteer Team Leaders in each office to help us run a “Spring Clean” campaign to freshen up our workspaces.

As part of the spring clean campaign, rather than simply recycle or throw away all our old Dimension Data-branded collateral and merchandise, we organised collection points for this material throughout our offices and set up an online registration site for our people to request particular items to be re-used by community groups, schools or childcare centres. As a result, the majority of this outdated material will now be put to good use for kids’ craft, school supplies and other purposes.

At the same time, we ran a ‘Paint It Green’ campaign for our people. The idea behind this was to focus on one of the major changes for Dimension Data’s brand – the adoption of a new green (PMS 368) – as our corporate colour. We purchased a number of tins of exterior and interior paint that matched the new Pantone colour, giving our staff the opportunity to take a tin home and be creative in their use of the colour.

We’ve had some great participation, which we’ve been featuring on our Dimension Data Australia Facebook page: you can see the photo album here. We also felt that one of our first entries, from one of the guys in our Adelaide office, was worthy of an album all of its own. We hope that our people will continue to use their creativity over the coming weeks to ‘paint it green’.

Our new brand was launched externally by our CEO Steve Nola at a client event – Executive Dimensions 2011 – held in the Tasmanian capital Hobart from 22 May to 24 May, and it met with a very positive response. It’s a corporate identity that’s certainly meeting our clients’ perceptions of Dimension Data as a client-centric, services-led IT provider.

Martin Aungle
Corporate Communications Manager
Dimension Data Australia
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