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From Red to Green: Welcome Datacraft to the Dimension Data family


It’s official. On Tuesday, Datacraft rebranded to Dimension Data. With the name change, the Datacraft brand ceased to exist – after a vibrant history of 37 years – and Datacraft joined the Dimension Data family.

From Red to Green. From Asia to Global. The Brand has transcended to a new dimension.

Dimension Data is no stranger to us. Our relationship dates back to November 1997 when Dimension Data acquired a majority shareholding in Datacraft. However, we kept our Datacraft brand then because of our strong brand premium in Asia Pacific and our established reputation among the global investor community due to our public listing.

In 2008, Dimension Data acquired the remaining 44.9% of Datacraft and privatised the company. The move was well received by clients, partners and employees. As a private company, it only made business sense to be fully integrated as one single global brand and entity. Thus in 2008, we undertook steps to prepare ourselves for the brand transition.

So far, the response from both internal and external stakeholders towards this brand transition has been very positive. Over the years, we have been working closely and on a day-to-day basis with our Dimension Data colleagues to leverage international business opportunities and serve many global clients. With a single brand, our Systems Integration business now operates across 49 countries, accelerating our ability to serve our clients in a more consistent way.

The name change is only the beginning of our brand transition.

Going forward, we will continue to invest more effort and resources to build the Dimension Data brand in the Asia Pacific through fostering lasting relationships with our clients, professionalism, innovative solutions and excellent service delivery.

Esther Quah
Director, Brand Management
Dimension Data Asia Pacific

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