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Right sizing the true cost of your IT assets


Does it feel like your car only ever need parts replaced that aren’t covered by your motor plan? Imagine if a car sales guy sat you down and said, “I see this car is actually costing you excessively more than what your motor plan covers. Let me help you determine why your motor plan isn’t working for you and recommend ways to potentially minimise the cost of these unexpected faults and avoid being without a car when you need it most.” … which for me, by the way, is everyday.

Hah! I welcome the day a car sales guy says this to me!

Well it may still be wishful thinking for your car, but did you know that this service exists for IT environments? Imagine being able to fully understand the true cost of supporting assets on your network and receive recommendations on how you can better manage the cost and more importantly, the risk of improperly supported assets which could cause downtime to your business operations. Yes, there is an IT service which can do just that.

Statistics say that 80% of downtime in the IT environment is due to human error. IT folk out there, do you agree? If you do, that means there is a whole lot of unreliability that you have not accounted for in your maintenance contracts. No wonder it costs 2.5 times more to support IT environments than the cost of the maintenance contracts – or so the Gartner research says.

So what are you doing about this? Who knows how long it would take a car sales person to help me determine the gaps in my motor plan, but Dimension Data consultants can provide findings and recommendations on your IT environment in approximately two weeks by:

  • Analysing your device install base and providing advice on where you can reduce assets and subsequently the maintenance spend on them,
  • Confirming which services are necessary for your assets and more important, which are unnecessary,
  • Exposing any SLA’s on devices that are not high enough (thus leaving your assets at risk) or at an unnecessarily high level,
  • Suggesting consolidation of supplier contracts where it makes sense to do so from a business and cost perspective, and
  • Determining if you are paying tax unnecessarily on maintenance and support contracts.

So Procurement Managers, IT Managers, CFOs and car sales people, I ask you this question – is right sizing the true cost on assets not a great idea? Through an IT Support Review Assessment, it is possible to right size the true cost of an entire IT environment today, so why is this not yet possible for my car? IT decision makers, you are very fortunate people!

Cari Drysdale
Global Marketing Manager – Services
Dimension Data
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