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Taming the beast – lessons learnt from our Solutions Marketing Manager


It is amazing watching a 12 week project come to a close and reflect on the elements that can determine the success or failure of a project.

My biggest challenge was to overcome an A-Type personality and need to control my environment to the extent that I live by the adage “If you want something done correctly – do it yourself”. When a project gets to a size of this nature the one and only thing that will get you by, is the magic of teamwork. “Teamwork”. A word you see on HR brochures and hear about from expensive strategists, but until you truly live the benefits and watch the power of a group of people coming together – you stand naïve to the potential.

My rudest awakening was the need to stay on top of the chaos – even though things were not always going according to plan, as long as I knew about it and tracked it from week to week – the power of human potential – if you trust it will actually sort things out, every time!

The people I had the fortune of dealing with over the span of the project were passionate, open and determined… a true testament to living our brand personality and corporate values. The results were more than worth the effort.


Candice Segar
Solutions Marketing Manager
Dimension Data Middle East & Africa
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