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Wrapping up the brand refresh with our European team


Our brand refresh launch on 10 May was an exciting time in Europe and each country added their own flavour in the lead up to the day.

With a drive to engage employees and spark interest and curiosity in the refresh, each country organised teasers for their employees starting in March. Italy, Luxembourg and The Netherlands distributed boxes of refreshing mints. Spain, Germany and The Netherlands gave out green apples. The UK labelled cans of drinks with refresh stickers and France used employee photographs from the past and present to represent the recurring theme that everyone needs a refresh. Belgium gave employees a daily desk drop that included mints, ice cream, fresh orange juice and sparkling water.

At a regional level, we held a competition using 80’s photos of each member of our executive committee. Respondents had to guess their identity based on the photo supplied. The interest generated was overwhelming – 400 replies in total out of which 250 were correct!

On refresh day itself, food played a significant role in the celebrations and many countries prepared a “refreshing” meal for employees. Luxembourg took advantage of the great weather and organised a barbeque in the sunshine and The Netherlands added some refreshing items to the menu, including a salad bar and fresh fruit smoothies.

above: our teams in Luxembourg and The Netherlands

In order to achieve a sense of cohesion across our ten European countries, “brand refresh” t-shirts were specially designed for the occasion – they were worn throughout the day and hopefully will continue to be worn with pride! Belgium even designed “brand refresh” t-shirts for employees’ children with “next generation” printed on the back! Cute or what?

All events held on the day showcased our employees’ pride in Dimension Data. Particularly special events include UK’s 12 hour Fun Relay. Germany also hosted a competition for employees and some of the prizes were pretty amazing, including concert tickets and boat trips with extreme athlete, Joey Kelly.

All in all, we had a great day celebrating the refresh of our brand and armed with a sense of our refreshed brand personality, our employees are now empowered to exceed our clients’ expectations every day!

Christine Buttigieg
Communications Coordinator
Dimension Data Europe
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