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Mobility Booms: the latest issue of Précis is now available


Mobility is rewriting the script of modern business. Today’s corporate world doesn’t sit still. Employees want and expect to use their smartphones and tablets both at the office and while on the road. By granting employees remote access, organisations can boost productivity and customer service levels and inject agility into their business model. At the same time, consumers and businesses alike are starting to recognise the significant potential for combining mobile applications with the power of cloud computing. These tools promise to increase productivity, reduce paperwork and increase revenue in ways that traditional approaches and devices simply cannot.

Mobility is gaining momentum as a focal point for IT and for business.

In this issue of Précis, we consider the opportunities as well as the risk and usability challenges that new mobile devices introduce. We explore how best to bridge the gap between the security and control IT needs and the experience end users demand. We look at the implications of advanced mobility on bandwidth and explore how emerging mobile standards and technologies are gearing to support the rampant rise of mobile Internet usage. Mayan Mathen, Dimension Data’s Chief Technology Officer in the Middle East & Africa shares his views on the increasingly strategic role that mobility is assuming on the corporate agenda. We conclude that while joining the mobile movement may be good for business, a successful outcome depends on an informed and structured plan and coherent execution.

Enterprise mobility matters. Organisations that prioritise mobile computing and lay the right foundations to provide compelling experiences across multiple platforms will be at the forefront of the mobile tidal wave. Will your business be one of them?

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