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Dimension Data and Cisco: better together


The business and technology world has changed dramatically and continues to evolve at an accelerated pace. Needs are becoming much more complex as boundaries continue to disappear and the race to stay ahead of the competition is ever more important. Our clients’ emphasis and focus have changed from making complex technology work to solving business problems.

As the speed of technology innovation accelerates, clients face the dilemma of seeking out the latest technology while entrusting a partner to implement the solutions. The obvious answer is to find a partner you can trust, but where do you place your priorities? A partner who delivers innovative technology? Or one with an unrivalled ability to execute globally? Can one partner do both? Or perhaps two partners who are better when working together?

It is no secret that Dimension Data is Cisco’s largest global partner, but with this comes the responsibility to consistently deliver above not only our clients’ expectations, but also Cisco’s expectations. As they design and manufacture innovative technology to enable a better work-life balance for our clients, we need to up the ante by bringing that innovation to life seamlessly and professionally across the globe.

And the clincher is that Cisco trusts us to do this for every client, every time.

A recent example is our client, Noble Drilling, who wanted to replace their existing data center, involving a significant risk of downtime associated with the upgrade. Cisco trusted Dimension Data to lead the engagement with the client, allowing us access to full participation and partnership with key stakeholders at Noble Drilling. We were able to implement a SharePoint site and execute weekly status calls, leading to great communication and a successful project. Together with Cisco, we rolled out Unified Fabric, and the client now has a much faster, more manageable and scalable data centre.

Partnering with Cisco meant we knew exactly what we were working with and who we were working with, eliminating the teething issues of new or young partnerships. Our Noble Drilling project was planned, designed and implemented within two weeks and client satisfaction has increased tremendously as has trust in the technology and implementation.

This is why Dimension Data and Cisco are better together. There really is no one better than Cisco and Dimension Data together to meet the full set of requirements a client has.

Christina Herden
Cisco Alliance Manager
Dimension Data
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