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Précis: IT Outsourcing Recharged


IT outsourcing continues to transform alongside the market since it first came into vogue in the early 1990s. Over the decades, it’s shapeshifted through the industrialisation of IT services, multisourcing, and on to cloud computing and the rise of consumption-based utility delivery models. The next wave of change looks set to further update outsourcing’s contribution to business agility and the achievement of strategic outcomes.

As we stand at the threshold of an exciting new era, it seems appropriate for Précis to reflect on the opportunities and challenges that this evolution is creating for both buyers and sellers of services.

We consider the value that services integration plays in synthesising heterogeneous ecosystems of people, processes and systems to deliver IT services that are more accurately aligned with the needs of the business. We look at how intelligent application of good practice frameworks and systems management tools can assist in achieving consistency of approach and implementation.

Sabir Munshi, CIO of Rand Merchant Bank, shares his views on the increasingly strategic approach buyers and providers will need to adopt to improve the quality, predictability and value of services. He also explains the need for a structured plan for sustaining these benefits.

We take a view on the ‘next generation’ of outsourcing partnerships and conclude that legacy approaches to sourcing, involving only a cursory look at overall strategy before diving into the transaction, are no longer ‘fit-for-purpose’. A commitment to shared goals will be critical to winning in outsourcing’s next phase.

As it enters its third decade, IT outsourcing’s potential to re-energise and recharge your business has never been greater. It’s time to plug into its many benefits.

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