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RIP Steve Jobs – an innovator, an inspiration, a leader, a genius


image courtesy of www.apple.com

On Wednesday 5 October, 2011, it was announced across the globe that Apple founder, Steve Jobs, had finally lost his seven year fight against pancreatic cancer, age 56. An innovator, an inspiration, a leader, a genius – many believe that Steve Jobs will be remembered as the man whose vision revolutionised the way we communicate – the way the whole world communicates.

A college drop out, Jobs spent his days with friend (and Apple co-founder) Steve Wozniak tinkering away in their home garage in Cupertino, California, unaware of the evolution and revolution their tech-geek ideas would bring. Ten years later, what started off as a two person hobby had grown into a 4,000 person business and shortly thereafter, Jobs would present to the world the very first Apple McIntosh.

A number of turbulent years followed – the creation of the modern computer, the declining sales of Apple which led to Jobs losing his position within the company, the launch of Pixar Animation Studios, and eventually in 1996, his much anticipated to return to Apple. With his return, Jobs brought a refreshed passion and unequivocal vision to deliver something that would change the world.

He revolutionised portable music. He gave us the iMac. He took mobile communications to the next level with the iPhone and now, the laptop world trembles at the raw potential of the tablet, led by none other than the Apple iPad. For the corporate world, his products have accelerated the age of enterprise mobility, championed visual communications and driven the agenda for technology which can provide us with a better and seamless work/life balance.

And it’s not just the products born of his imagination that have taken the world by storm. Jobs himself, a charismatic and blindingly intelligent man, has made his way into the hearts of millions. His inspirational 2005 Stanford commencement address showed us someone who had tried and who had failed and who saw that you could not ever succeed trying to be someone you’re not.

A stream of touching tributes have been shared for Jobs and thousands have laid flowers in remembrance at Apple stores across the world. Here at Dimension Data, many of our employees have been touched by Jobs – his ideas and products which have changed the way we work, live, interact and communicate. We thank him for his passion and for the inspiration and legacy he leaves in this world.

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address