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FY11: A Year in Restrospect – our first global CSR report


Here at Dimension Data, our values and ethics have been the hallmark of our business since its inception, and a commitment to a CSR strategy was a natural progression for us. Currently, we have programmes in all regions, at different levels of maturity – some with a history of significant community impact for over 16 years. Our CSR programme provides opportunities at a regional level for our employees to get involved in diverse areas including volunteering, environmental efforts, fund raising and donations.

In our recent employee satisfaction survey, we introduced two questions related to CSR and were delighted at the response and input from people across the globe. In answer to the question “I believe the business is supportive of employees giving back to their communities”, we received a very promising score of 3.81 out of 5, and in the question relating to getting actively involved and participating in the programme, we scored a solid 3.76.

Now with an umbrella identity at Group level, there is an opportunity to share ideas, success stories, activities, best practice, marketing collateral and resources. All of our regional programmes are now connected by a global of practice and supported by the Group.

Please take the time to view our report today.

Marilyn Rose Chaplin
Group Executive – Human Resources
Dimension Data