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Keys to a successful Microsoft Lync deployment


Peter Menadue | General Manager, Microsoft Solutions | Dimension Data

We are seeing an exponential increase in adoption of Microsoft Lync within our client community worldwide. Whether for one or all workloads – IM and presence, conferencing, audio, video and collaboration – Microsoft Lync is gaining momentum in all sizes of organisations today.

Envisioning, planning, architecting, deploying, supporting and managing a Lync environment are all critical steps to a successful Lync project and are phases we emphasise with all of our clients. There is however another aspect to a Lync deployment that is often overlooked which we find crucial. This is an end-user adoption plan.

In order to reap the greatest business benefit and ensure the fastest ROI for your Lync investment, it is essential to proactively educate your end-users about the platform and train them to use it to their best advantage.

Some key components to such a plan include:

  1. Engaging an executive sponsor to both use and champion the technology,
  2. Assembling an awareness and adoption team to support the executive sponsor including; IT, HR and end-user community members,
  3. Developing an internal training plan comprising both virtual and instructor-led options, and
  4. Creating an awareness plan supported by the adoption team which can include the following:
    • Email communications articulating the benefits of your Lync solution and including information on training resources,
    • An intranet site with FAQs, tips and tricks, training links and videos,
    • Demonstrations specific to your organisation delivered online and in-person at small internal events or in team meetings, and
    • Usage contests between communities of users.

Creating a sense of community around Lync is vital to its success. Microsoft offers a powerful set of tools to assist in user adoption. We work with our clients to augment and customise these to address their unique business needs. We also help clients to create a plan to evaluate success though end-users surveys, utilisation of the monitoring service in Lync to establish usage and adoption statistics, and help desk request analysis. With a little focussed time and effort in this area we find our clients experience rapid adoption and thereby rapid ROI on their Lync investment.