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Managing Telecom Expenses in the BYOD Age – Dave Spofford, CEO of Xigo discusses the company’s recent acquisition


Dave Spofford | Chief Executive Officer | Xigo

This is an exciting time here at Dimension Data. Following our more than five year partnership with Xigo, we recently acquired the company as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dimension Data as part of our strategy to become a full-fledged Managed Communications Service Provider. With the growing need for telecom and mobile expense management – especially as BYOD becomes the norm – Xigo’s services and expertise will be an invaluable addition to Dimension Data’s managed services offerings.

To learn more about Xigo’s solutions, how they will complement Dimension Data’s capabilities, and how these new services can positively impact your business, we posed a few questions to Xigo’s CEO, Dave Spofford.

For those who aren’t familiar with Xigo, can you briefly explain what the company does?

Dave Spofford: Absolutely. Xigo provides telecom expense management (TEM) and mobile expense management (MEM) solutions to medium and large enterprises, as well as government agencies. Our portfolio of services is delivered through a single cloud-based platform, making it easier for companies to access and manage their inventory, carrier data, etc. In short, Xigo enables customers to save both time and money by enabling them to control their mobile and fixed communications expenses.

Why did Xigo enter into the acquisition by Dimension Data?
This acquisition provides a tremendous growth opportunity for Xigo. Operating directly in 51 countries and indirectly (through partners) in 114 countries, Dimension Data’s footprint gives Xigo the ability to deliver its technology across the globe, combined with the local knowledge and market intelligence that only a company like Dimension Data can offer. For Dimension Data, our technology directly addresses the need for mobile policy, risk and expense management solutions.

It was a natural and logical expansion of our existing relationship to join forces, and create a seldom-found environment where all parties – Dimension Data, Xigo and all of our customers – derive significant benefit. At Xigo, we are committed to our vision and future technology roadmap, and our experts will continue to remain entirely focused on helping organizations navigate the challenges of cost optimization and lifecycle services inside and outside the firewall.

How will TEM and MEM help enterprises better manage the increasing mobility of the workforce?
The proliferation of smartphones and tablets combined with always-on access to cloud services is transforming how people work and play. It’s creating an increasingly distributed and mobile workforce in nearly every sector and region of the world. According to ABI Research, by 2016 more than 85 percent of employees will use enterprise-issued smartphones and tablets, fueling a mobility management market worth $11 billion. Managing telecom and mobile expenses is serious business for enterprises, and our mission is to deliver world-class TEM and MEM solutions that help customers to simplify an increasingly complex device, mobile and fixed communications environment to generate optimal cost savings.

Can you tell us more about Xigo’s enterprise application, Xigo Enterprise?
Xigo Enterprise is delivered through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and can be used by organizations either as a self-service solution or as the foundation for Xigo-provided managed services. This solution helps enterprises to capture billing, inventory and other information in a single platform so that they can easily see where and how to optimize their network expenses.

What are the benefits to customers of using expense management solutions that are delivered through a single, unified platform?
There are a number of substantial benefits from this unified approach, but I’d have to say the biggest advantage is that, as a result, our solutions can easily adapt to the rapidly changing needs of today’s businesses where billing formats, device types and services change almost daily. Through our hosted, unified platform, we are able to easily manage this dynamic environment for clients and respond quickly to changes in the market.

Additional benefits include:

  • Rapid implementation and deployment;
  • Consistent user experience across all business divisions and geographies;
  • Insightful analysis and reporting across all services;
  • A unified view across the network – from procurement to payment – for holistic decision making; and
  • Tighter integration of mobile and fixed network management for greater efficiency.

In fact, because of the single unified platform, one of the things we’re able to do that is unique to Xigo is carve out a portion of our service and give it away for free to companies – both large and small – to manage their mobile expenses. The service is called Xigo Now. The benefit to larger organizations is that they can experience Xigo and see for themselves what we’re capable of doing without going through a laborious RFP process. Any company can upload their mobile bill and get immediate results in as little as ten minutes. Smaller companies, where traditional TEM does not make practical sense, can use Xigo Now for free indefinitely to proactively control their mobile spend.

Dimension Data announced the acquisition of Xigo on February 7, 2012. Please see the press release for additional details.