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Précis: IT Service Challenges to Support Global Business


Since the end of the Second World War, the pace of globalisation has accelerated steadily, resulting in unprecedented levels of economic integration and interdependence across the world. Rather than swinging globalisation into reverse, the recent global economic crisis has instead fuelled the deepening integration between countries, as businesses seek alternative avenues to economic recovery.

It’s against this backdrop that Précis considers technology’s role as a driver and enabler of deepening and ongoing globalisation. We explore some of the more common IT support challenges with which businesses extending their reach and influence beyond boundaries must wrestle. We review the promises – and perils – that emerging markets such as the BRIC nations present, and consider the potential of cloud computing to breathe new life into global business operations. We uncover the critical role that sound international programme management capabilities play in overcoming the realities – physical, technical, political and cultural – that ‘come with the territory’ when you’re operating on a global scale. Mike Sapien, Principal Analyst for Ovum, explains the role of CIOs in uniting organisational ‘islands’ to facilitate effective collaboration across the enterprise and beyond.

Today, it’s not uncommon for organisations to seek a path to profitability by extending their reach beyond borders. In this issue of Précis, we argue that success depends on your ability to exploit the right technologies – and partnerships – to bind together disparate markets and operations.

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