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How cool is your business?


Shaun Struckman | Global Solutions Director | Visual Communications | Dimension Data

You may think it’s a ridiculous question to ask in today’s serious business world. But if you’re not sure how your organisation rates among the rising stars of the younger generation, how do you ever hope to attract the best people to make your business great in years to come?

Today’s top talent demands to work for organisations they perceive to be ‘cool’ – but what exactly does that mean and how do you ensure your business qualifies?

First of all, potential employees want to be employed by sustainable organisations. This is not only a means to ensure the longevity of their future position, but also a way to be socially and environmentally conscious – which, to a great extent, they already are in their private environments. They want to be proud of the employers they work for and of the principles they embody.

Second, it’s just as important to offer the best tools to work with. The latest communication and collaboration tools not only reduce travel and other costs, they also serve as a long-term solution to staffing your organisation.

Having the tools in place to allow employees to telework is to your organisation’s benefit, as it supports a job candidate’s decision to join and stay with your business – for both emotional and practical reasons. In the past, employees could work from the comfort of their homes only a day or two per week without losing productivity. Today, entire teams can be permanently home-based, or dispersed among various geographic locations with no reduction in efficiency. The positive effect on employee morale and the reduction of the company’s carbon footprint can be dramatic, so it really is a win-win situation.

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