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Multi-year support contracts keep money in your pocket

Jason O'Leary: Group Sales, International Sales Manager

Jason O’Leary | International Sales Manager | Group Sales

IT is integral to the functioning of an organisation, but it is also one of the areas of business where most organisations look to reduce running costs. Partnering with the right vendor and committing to a long-term multi-year support contract is a win win situation, where your organisation benefits from not only favourable pricing, but also the peace of mind of a sustainable support plan that evolves with your IT maintenance needs.

How did Dimension Data’s customised multi-year contract save a large US insurance group money? Its three year Uptime support contract offered   unique commercial and contractual features that were customised to the insurer’s specific requirements. The multi-year support contract also offered the flexibility to select service levels by device so that the insurer didn’t pay for more service than needed on non-critical devices. An assessment of the network was conducted prior to finalising the contract to provide transparency of the infrastructure on the network and allowed managers to make the right decisions about the type of support required on devices – not falling into the trap of overspending on maintenance and support or under spending – which can cause major costs in the long run if the device fails and doesn’t have the right level of support contracted to it. This approach helped the organisation save a significant amount of money. Read the case study.