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Choosing the right IT partner for your business when you decide to go global

Assad Noori | Global Head - Delivery Operations | International Business Unit

Assad Noori | Global Head – Delivery Operations | International Business Unit

Expanding globally puts your business on the map. The wealth of opportunity is considerable – and extremely attractive. Done right, it’s a move that can give your business a competitive edge in developed and emerging markets.

What most businesses overlook is the fact that growth is exponential and many factors come into play. When it comes to IT, do you ‘carbon copy’ all your internal resources and incur the cost? Do you outsource to multiple service providers for each geography you wish to expand into? Do you find a one-stop IT ‘shop’ capable of managing all your resources across the board? Looking at your business, how do you find the right solution while executing your global strategy, remaining operationally efficient, keeping costs low and delivering your products and services on time?

The reality is that most international organisations are unable to support the complexities of conducting cross-border IT services business because they lack the infrastructure or resources. Attempts to address these issues often lead to additional problems like escalating costs, delays, and various points of accountability culminating in poor service delivery.

When looking for a partner to provide IT services, businesses should consider providers that craft commercially efficient options that suit your business and your budget. Are they consistent? Can they deliver services effectively across both geographies and technologies?  Do they understand the demands of the supply chain?

Because globalization dramatically influences the way business is done today, organisations with an international footprint need to partner with service providers that are experts in international deployments and delivery. These service providers need to ensure they can supply whatever equipment is needed by sourcing from anywhere and delivering to any place throughout the world – with no penalties or delays, all done cost-effectively and lawfully.

The takeaway is: don’t underestimate the complexity when you do decide to go global.

Do share your international expansion strategies with service providers in order to give them visibility of what your business needs will be in the near and long term. Your preferred service provider should then be able to advise you on how to navigate all the pitfalls of cross-border business in your targeted countries.

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