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Foresight, foundations, and the future of technology




No matter what anyone says, the future is no more than an educated guess. The best we can do today is to prepare ourselves as well as we can to embrace the possibilities it might bring. The same goes for our businesses and the technology we rely on: it’s important to lay strong foundations now so that we don’t get left behind. In the world of technology, this means looking at your network as the platform for greater and better things to come.

Jeff Jack | General Manager | Networking (Global)

Jeff Jack | General Manager | Networking (Global)

This is why I like telling the story of one of our telecom carrier clients that had exactly this vision. This organisation needed to remain agile and competitive in a very saturated and commoditised telecom and mobile services market. It expanded aggressively on a global scale to do so. But to remain relevant, it would also have to keep launching new and innovative services to its customers through a next-generation mobile network. The problem was, it didn’t have one. The organisation was spending an enormous amount in both opex and capex on its existing networking infrastructure, which was complex and fragmented across the regions in which it operated. It was time to do something about it … or get left behind.

That’s when we got involved. We offered specialised engineering services to architect and build a smarter network, with all of the organisation’s strategic objectives in mind. We also helped to transform the IP-transport layer of its existing infrastructure into a future-proof architecture, ready to form a robust foundation for the next-generation mobile network.

Innovative technologies implemented in the new smart mobile network will help to prepare the carrier’s infrastructure for the future, not only in terms of growth and further expansion, but also in terms of the flexibility needed to launch new services and remain relevant for a long time to come.

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