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You can’t manage effectively what you can’t see



Even without 100% visibility, the cost-reducing benefits of knowing your estate should be clear as daylight. For example, after capturing just 75% of its full technology estate, one of our clients, is now well on its way to reaching its target of a 15% saving on IT maintenance and support costs.

Thomas Marchais | European ITO Go To Market Lead | Dimension Data

Thomas Marchais | European ITO Go To Market Lead | Dimension Data

It seems like such an obvious point to make, yet, so many organisations still stumble at this very first hurdle on their way to reducing the cost of supporting their networks: visibility. That’s why it’s a point that bears repeating: truly cost-effective IT support and maintenance simply can’t be done without an accurate inventory of your network estate and all of its devices.

Our client, a well-known global organisation based in the Asia Pacific region, has a business profile that spans a range of industries – from manufacturing to financial services. Until recently, both the management and back-end business support strategies of this conglomerate were fractured and disparate around the world. They were geared towards the specific geography in which each business operated, as well as to that business’ specific needs.

These businesses within the group were run mostly independently, both geographically and operationally. It was complicated and expensive to manage, at a global level, all the many in-country business support systems and processes due to a lack of central visibility and governance. The organisation also lacked an accurate inventory of all its IT assets globally.

When the top management team – based in Japan – wanted to consolidate and streamline business processes and procedures to achieve scale, cost, and efficiency, we helped them to jump the first hurdle. We conducted a Technology Lifecycle Management Assessment to discover all assets in the organisation, determine their lifecycle statuses, and gauge any potential end-of-life risks or unnecessary duplications. An IT Support Assessment then helped to optimise the management and cost of maintenance and support.

With an accurate inventory, the business could pre-empt any equipment-related problems, drastically reducing the number of incidents that would need to be resolved daily. Also, the risk of expensive network downtime was reduced, improving operations as a whole.

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