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Student life made (even) easy(-ier)


student lifeWhen I was still at university, student life was much more complicated than it is today. Research meant spending hours on end in dusty old libraries, sifting through index cards and thumbing through books and journals. There was no such thing as Google! Nor were there email, social networks, or smartphone apps to keep up with lecturers, friends, or family. If you wanted to make contact, you needed a) a phone booth (rarely in service at the res), b) some spare coins (hard to hang on to) and c) a little black book with lots of scribbled numbers (hardly ever up to date … and sometimes not even legible).  And you needed to make friends with a good typist – or beg your mom – to get your assignments in on time. How things have changed!

Mike Mitchell |Practice Manager (QLD) - Microsoft Solutions Infrastructure | Dimension Data

Mike Mitchell |Practice Manager (QLD) – Microsoft Solutions Infrastructure | Dimension Data

Offering students the latest and greatest in technology services and facilities is an important differentiator for universities today. Take Australia’s Southern Cross University (SCU), for example. With a large and diverse student and staff population, communication and collaboration are vital components of the learning and teaching experience at SCU.

Providing the tools to support, enhance, and encourage communication and collaboration is therefore central to the role of the Technology Services division of the university. Email, in particular, forms an important part of the education process. Students use it to communicate with their peers and submit their assignments, while teachers and administration staff use it to distribute information to students across the university’s campuses. It’s no small feat to deliver an effective email solution to a client as diverse and dynamic as this … and yet, Dimension Data rose to the challenge in a big way.

Read this case study to find out how a cloud-based solution helped the university to provide improved email to staff and students alike, and to meet their expectations in terms of functionality and convenience. (Oh, to be a student again …)