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When technology makes a human difference


DD_0002344Being ambitious is one thing. Being ambitious in order to make a real difference in the world is another matter altogether. That’s why it’s so nice to read client success stories about how the technology we implement not only helps non-profit organisations to be more efficient, but also enables them to be better at what they do: helping others.

When technology makes a human difference:

Brad Fussell | Client Delivery Executive | Dimension Data

Brad Fussell | Client Delivery Executive | Dimension Data

Australia’s Blue Care – not-for-profit providers of residential aged care, community care, and retirement living – is a good example. This organisation’s registered field nurses are constantly on the move to visit patients and provide them with specialised, personal care at their residences. But before we got involved, the nurses also had to travel all the way back to the office at the end of every day to keep up with administrative paperwork.

Can you imagine doing that after a hard day’s work looking after the personal needs of the aged? How many hours were wasted travelling unnecessarily, time in which more patients could be cared for?

Our answer was an enterprise mobility solution incorporating a ‘fleet’ of Apple iPads. The tablet has a number of benefits over a traditional laptop or desktop. It’s extremely mobile and it’s light, so the nurses can use it as a tool rather than a workstation. Also, having all of the patient-related information immediately at hand made life a lot easier.

Says Steve Kynenburg, a Blue Care registered nurse in the field: ‘Knowing that the bosses care enough to make your life easier by providing something like this is significant. Having all your information on hand really makes a difference, certainly when it comes to the clients. The iPad makes my day easier. It makes me happier. Happy staff, happy clients – it’s good for the image of the company.’ Also, for patients, there’s better quality of care, at the point of care, because it’s quicker to upload and download the required information.

We’re really pleased to have made a difference to Steve, his colleagues, and his patients. Read this case study for more detail on this great story.