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Global Top Employer 2015: What does it mean to be one of the world’s best employers?



Marilyn Chaplin | Dimension Data Group Executive  | Human Resources

Marilyn Chaplin | Dimension Data Group Executive
| Human Resources

In March, the Top Employers Institute, an independent global certification company, awarded Dimension Data Global Top Employer status. After extensive research, the Institute certifies excellence in the conditions that employers create for their people, recognising companies with the best international people policies. This accolade was a proud moment for everyone, but it held special significance for us in HR. To be recognised as one of just five organisations in the world for our employee practices means we’re truly taking care of the 26,000 great people behind Dimension Data’s great solutions and services.

Attracting the best

Of course, this number grows every day as we bring new talent into our teams in 58 countries. We strive to attract, engage, develop, and retain talent across all levels of Dimension Data. As we’re now positioned in an exclusive group of the world’s best employers, this means that any ambitious candidate seeking a long-term, rewarding career is assured that we embrace global trends and best practices. This includes strategic learning and development, as well as career and succession management.

We can offer superior compensation and benefits and, more importantly, introduce them to our enriching values and winning culture. Across the world, Dimension Data offers an atmosphere for employees to thrive, grow, and learn. We give everyone the opportunity to be the best they can be, both professionally and personally.

Fast-tracking talent

The investments we make in our people help them gain the skills and resilience they need to keep pace with the ever-changing, competitive world of technology and business. Our innovative Fast-Track programme nurtures talented young individuals for future success. We’ve seen great success with our global Leadership Forum, which supports our leaders. We also give employees access to a proven cloud-based learning platform to further their education.

Delivering more to our clients

Dimension Data has a simple but powerful philosophy: to put our clients at the centre of everything that we do. Our recent Global Top Employer accreditation is a measure of this dedication to service. In a thriving, stable work environment, our people are consistently delivering more to our shareholders and clients, building strong partnerships and relationships through a shared vision and teamwork.

We’ve always believed that for us to compete in a global ICT market, we had to create an exceptional HR environment to support and sustain our core five-year growth strategy. Our recent achievement proves that we’re on the right track for even greater success!