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Transformation of the systems integrator – begin with business outcomes



Dilip Kumar | Group Executive – Systems Integration Services

Dilip Kumar | Group Executive – Systems Integration Services

There is a dramatic shift in the way clients consume technology. It is no longer about product services but rather outcome based services. Clients are looking to reduce costs, but more importantly they are looking for partners who can share the risk and build a tighter partnership in delivering business value.

We are seeing that our clients just can’t keep pace – and they’re asking for help. They want to focus on their core business, as they are facing staffing scarcity, increasing IT operational costs, and business is challenging IT to increase their business competiveness

The market transition in play now is about delivering business value versus delivering technical support services only. Additionally, it is important to provide cost/benefit analysis around the best consumption model to support a client’s budget. Starting with the business value and working back to technology and services to achieve the outcome is the new way of doing business.

Systems integrators and service providers who help clients achieve business value – whether that is reducing operational costs, improving performance, growing revenues, cutting energy costs or management of a client’s IT infrastructure are transformational. These are partners who really know the client and have the intimate relationship that clients value. These are the service providers who will stay in business and thrive.

Dimension Data is making big investments in the transformation to an outcomes-based service provider. Nick Earle, Cisco’s SVP Cloud and Managed Services sales announced that Dimension Data is Cisco’s first Global ServiceGrid Integrator, providing outcome-based managed services utilizing embedded Cisco software assets.
Earle commented, “It’s clear that among all Cisco partners Dimension Data’s outcome-based services strategy most closely mirrors Cisco’s own.”