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France. The land of wine, cheese, berets and… data



10 Revolutionary stats behind the Tour de France

1. How gruelling is the Tour de France you ask? Well the average rider will burn the equivalent of 25 Big Macs in calories every day during the 21 days of racing.




2. Fancy 3,360 kilometres of high-intensity racing? This is roughly the distance from London to Cairo.




3. Only 198 of the world’s finest athletes stand between a rider and the greatest accolade in cycling.



4. An estimated fifteen million spectators will be lining the route. This is equal to the population of Cambodia.




5. Eight seconds was the smallest winning margin set by Greg LeMond in 1989. This year, for the first time, viewers will be able to follow real-time data from all 198 riders, on a live tracking site, thanks to nifty transponders on each rider’s transmitting data from each rider’s bike:




6. We will be revolutionising the experience for billions of TV viewers. This works out to a total of 6,100 hours of TV broadcasting in 190 countries across 100 channels. See how the data will travel from the bike to your TV screens at home in this video:



7. It takes seven steps to make French wine, but only six to get data from the bikes to the viewers at home in real-time. Now that’s revolutionary.




8. There will be 2,000 accredited members of the media following the race on the ground. Double the number of writers employed by The New York Times.




9. Our 28,000 people at Dimension Data have all played a part (big and small) in helping powering this year’s Tour de France. Here is a look at how this journey started.



10. Six new cities will be taking part in this year’s Tour. Utrecht (start of stages 1 and 2) is home to one of the Netherlands’ largest universities, where close to 30 000 students ride their bikes to school. In fact, stage 1 finishes next to the largest – so far – indoor bicycle park in the world.




This year, Dimension Data is bringing you a revolutionary viewing experience so you can follow all 198 riders on their quest to claim glory in the world’s biggest cycling race.  As the official technology partner of the 2015 Tour de France we are proud to be delivering this experience to you for the very first time.


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