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Disaster recovery: Making sure your company can withstand a disaster



An excerpt from Transform to Better Perform, a global knowledge share initiative led by the BPI Network and sponsored by Dimension Data.

Steve Nola | Group Executive | ITaaS

Steve Nola | Group Executive | ITaaS

Gerard Florian | Senior Vice President | Strategy

Gerard Florian | Senior Vice President | Strategy

If there’s anything worse than paying millions of dollars – or tens of millions — for your data centre, it’s having to buy a second one at the same price just in case anything goes wrong with the first one.

That may be a slight over-simplification of what many companies do to assure high availability of their service, but it isn’t far from reality. Continuity is mandatory in today’s competitive world, but even the best technology sometimes stops working due to a network issue, a server breakdown, a tornado or some other gremlin in the system.

Even routine maintenance can pose a threat. No longer can the IT staff even take down a site from 4-5 a.m. on a Sunday morning with the relative confidence that can make a few quick changes before their customers wake up. Now the enterprise has to be running 24x7x365. Until recently, large companies – notably global banks – built redundant data centers so that one could take over if another failed, according to a pair of Dimension Data experts interviewed for the Transform to Better Perform initiative.

“It’s a very expensive process to put in play, and typically [the backup data centre] sits there waiting for a rainy day, just in case something happens,” said Steve Nola, global Group Executive for the company’s IT-as-a-Service division.

Gerard Florian, the division’s Senior Vice President for strategy, compares it to a life insurance policy. If you don’t buy the policy, you face greater risk. “I know I should have this much coverage, but I’m going to cut it back a bit because I’m under budget constraints,” he said.

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