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Don’t let your end user become your weakest link



Managing Principal Consultant for Security and End-user Computing

Jason Harris | Managing Principal Consultant for Security, End-user Computing

Are you aware that your end users could be posing huge threats to your organisation’s security perimeter?

With modern day workers having real-time access to corporate data as well as embracing the trend of enterprise mobility, they’re starting to show up more regularly on the radars of cybercriminals. You can no longer afford to ignore these severe threats.

What’s become increasingly apparent in the workspaces of today is that users are becoming the new perimeter of the organisation, as pointed out in the 2015 Global Threat Intelligence Report. Cybercriminals know that if they can easily reach users, they have a chance to convince them to do something to grant them access to your organisation’s data.

The security assessments that Dimension Data carries out on clients attest to the fact that this is a huge and rapidly growing concern. We’re noticing some significant people, process, and policy gaps, particularly with respect to bring your own device and end user computing initiatives. Most businesses have put in place some form of governance and control, but it’s not enough to provide adequate protection from the latest breed of threats. A cohesive policy across all the relevant technology layers is crucial here.

So what are the solutions?

By focusing on user education and awareness as well as bolstering policies, organisations have a very good shot at keeping these criminals at bay. The concept of a ‘human firewall’ is a fairly new one but is set to gain traction within the security space as it focuses on the key issue – end-users. While organisations have been making a huge effort to implement internal policies to protect against these breaches as well as improving the knowledge of their employees, there also needs to be a huge push towards a robust incident response strategy.

Find out more about dealing with end-user threats in this slideshare:

Incident response remains one of the largest gaps in organisations’ defences.

Many businesses don’t have an instant response plan in place at all, which is alarming to say the least. How do you manage a situation where a user’s device is compromised? This could leave your organisation wide open to threats. Organisations need to build partnerships with companies, such as Dimension Data, who can help them develop a ‘data-centric’ security approach. With this, even if users are authorised to access certain data and systems on various devices, the organisation has the ability make sure they are not doing anything completely out of the ordinary.

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