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Calvin Goom|UK MD|Dimension Data

Calvin Goom|UK MD|Dimension Data

Pronunciation: /biz.nis/tu/ƟIŋs

Forms: B2T

  1. Acronym used by enterprises to describe the business and operational models that embrace the Internet of Things (IoT).

 As the Internet of Things (IoT) develops, businesses are going to have to understand the impact it will have on them, and decide how best to adapt. IoT is no longer the buzzword from five years ago, it’s now an accepted, real-world technology trend, and businesses now have real opportunities to embrace it.

Enterprises will need to rethink their business models, operations and production processes from a Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B) strategy to a Business to Things (B2T) focused solution.

A B2T approach will showcase the benefits that mobility and connected devices can have on business, whether it’s providing immediate insurance claims from the scene of an accident, giving customers an immediate connection with the call centre through the video capabilities of customer’s mobile devices or extending the contact centre experience at a time when the client needs it most, B2T is the way forward for enterprises embracing IoT.

Hotel guest services which are run by robots, sensors strapped to bike seats relaying rider data during the Tour de France and hospitals streamlining patient care through mobile devices and tablets are just a few examples of organisations taking a B2T approach to their business.

Whether your business is in the IT, medical, automotive, financial or educational fields, B2T is not just about how to deliver value to a client, but about the device that client is using, leading the industry into thinking about how to radically change processes with an emphasis on boosting efficiency through devices and individual productivity.

Look out for more posts on B2T as we begin to see interesting use-cases in action.