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What keeps CIOs up at night?


2015 Mobile Workforce ReportAs a CIO, you’re driving end-user computing in your business — and that means keeping up with global trends and an unprecedented rate of change


Is there a pay-off to enterprise mobility? How does giving people anytime, anywhere access to agile systems and data help your bottom line? Where does the IT complexity of end-user computing end and true business value start? … And is the disruption worth it?

Whatever questions keep you up at night, we’ve probably asked them in our 2015 Mobile Workforce Report And these were the issues we wanted to unravel in this new report.  We give you some great, and often surprising, global insights and trends.

Moving from a traditional desktop computing environment to a user-centric world and still keeping pace with transformation isn’t easy. The device revolution is happening at a rapid rate and you’re often overwhelmed with choices: from cloud solutions to making sure your business information and IP stays safe. Security, we discovered, is almost always a cause of those sleepless nights.


What’s your approach to end-user computing and mobility?

On one hand technology must meet the demands of users and, on the other, support business ambitions.  As a CIO you’re often caught in the middle: responding to IT problems, business demands, and yet you’re still wanting to power innovation. How do you bring order to your mobility environment and harness it for strategic growth?

The idea of smart working or activity-based working is really what our workspaces for tomorrow is about.  It’s about empowering individual workers no matter what device they’re working on, or where their workspace may be. It’s about getting teams to work together seamlessly.

We realised that mobility underpins a large part of this element of end-user computing, which is why we felt a global study was critical in understanding your needs and responding to those needs.  What keeps you up at night, keeps us busy every day.


Are you seeing a return on your investment?

The truth is end-user computing isn’t about ticking technology boxes – it’s about allowing your people to do great things and mobility gives them the flexibility and productivity to do this.  The shift towards the user in IT makes sense — because any business is about its people. And more of those people are on the move.


So does mobility help your people be more productive? And has business seen a return on investment? The Dimension Data 2015 Mobile Workforce Report reveals this and a lot more.