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Cloud investment risk – can your network handle it?



Andre van Schalkwyk |  Group Practice Manager Consulting and Assessments | Networking

Andre van Schalkwyk | Group Practice Manager Consulting and Assessments | Networking

I have a friend who’s into managing his own stocks; he uses stock-trading platforms across his devices to trade, buy, and sell his investments. He’s often tried to get me to do the same, but I’ve had to decline. I fully believe in the empowerment that those trading platforms can give people, but there’s one thing that drives me away: risk.

I don’t have the time, expertise, or stock fluency to effectively manage my portfolio. I know all of these factors put me at risk of losing money, so I entrust my investments to a financial manager.

I take this lesson and use it whenever I talk to organisations that are thinking about moving to the cloud. The reality of today’s cloud environment is that the technology is developing at a faster pace than before – a five-year investment plan in cloud technologies may become outdated within 24 months!

This is a real dilemma: CIOs want to take advantage of the technology and what they can invest in it, but they understand the perils of investing time and IT budgets into what may become outmoded faster than they can keep up.

One of the biggest issues organisations are facing is how to handle their networks. Many businesses have old network infrastructure. Much of that is supported through obsolete and non-current devices that their vendors are still selling and supporting, despite being out of date.

I’m convinced organisations hesitate, taking a ‘wait-and-see’ approach about better networking technologies, which leads to using obsolete technology. This understandable and not necessarily a bad thing: a better sense of how the device landscape is unfolding can inform you about how to handle your IT strategy in a way that’s best for your business and its unique risk profile.

For more on this topic listen to this Google Hangout.

With a shift in work styles, the emergence of the connected world, and the user as the new disruptive force, enterprise networks are under pressure to perform. But are organisations preparing their networks to handle these changes and connect all the dots?