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Exercising your way to user adoption, step by step



Doron Youngerwood | Marketing Manager|Collaboration

Doron Youngerwood | Marketing Manager|Collaboration

I exercise regularly and try to keep myself in the best possible shape. But when I just started out, I struggled with getting into a routine. I knew what I wanted to do, but not how I should start. So, I set myself a series of goals—a sort of roadmap—and stuck to it until I had successfully incorporated an exercise routine into my schedule. While it was a lot of work, it has paid off with some fantastic health results.

I think of my exercise routine when I analyse the struggles that some organisations have with videoconferencing. User adoption is still difficult, despite the rise in the number of tech-savvy employees and ease-of-use platforms. Businesses can invest a lot in video, but if users aren’t taking advantage of it, the intended benefits will be lost.

What’s needed in these situations, I believe, is a roadmap to getting users familiar with, and regularly using, the technology. Usage and adoption programmes, developed correctly, can get your workforce into using the tools provided. We already know what some of the benefits of video for businesses are – these programmes, as a part of your overall videoconferencing strategy, can help maximise the return on investment.

For businesses developing these programmes, there needs to be an understanding that user adoption doesn’t end when the technology is deployed. It begins when the strategy is implemented and needs continuous maintenance. Otherwise, things could fall apart and the problem of adoption will remain. It’s like when you exercise to lose weight: it doesn’t stop once you’ve hit your goal. You need to keep up with your fitness routine or risk gaining the weight back.

The best way to approach the issues of user adoption is step by step. I refer to it as the ‘Four Pillars of Success’.

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