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Going all in on video—is it worth it?


Children talking on Skype on Apple laptop computer, England, Britain, UK

Doron Youngerwood | Marketing Manager|Collaboration

Doron Youngerwood | Marketing Manager|Collaboration

My kids love to use Skype. My son uses it nearly every day to talk to friends while they compete with each other in computer games; my daughter finds it useful for going over homework with her classmates and coordinating on school projects. They enjoy the easy-to-use video technology and the instant connectivity it brings.

Tools for video arrived in people’s home lives long before they arrived in their professional worlds. There’s no doubt that the benefits of videoconferencing technology have their place in the business world, so why did it take so long to get there?

While there’s no easy answer to this question, we can all agree that the glacial pace of video implementation is over. The technology is cheaper and simpler to use than ever before, and many businesses are ready to invest. But, are you?

When considering whether video is the right option for your business, the conversation needs to be about what your business goals are, and how video can help you achieve them. This is the first step, and it is crucial.  Video is an investment, and clear ideas on how your organisation can use it should be fleshed out before the investment is made.

When I think of the benefits of investing in video for business, I remind myself of what it does for my kids. They can collaborate with classmates and friends on projects, both personal and related to their course loads. The same capacities are available to workforces on platforms like Skype for Business and Cisco Jabber. Capitalising on the technology now can lead to great benefits later on.

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