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Let’s meet … but try not to fuss with your video



Doron Youngerwood | Marketing Manager|Collaboration

Doron Youngerwood | Marketing Manager|Collaboration

One of the things I worry about when I have video meetings with my teams is if their attention remains focused. We all need to be on the same page, and if someone is distracted, it slows the whole team down. In particular, I’ve noticed my team members distracted by how to properly use the videoconferencing tools our organisation has in place.  What solution can I implement to eliminate this problem?

Recent developments in Videoconferencing-as-a-Service (VaaS) can relieve my team from the stress of managing the technology and get to work faster. All they have to worry about is focusing on the work we need to get done.

VaaS offers a number of other benefits, but the one that’s most crucial is improved usage and adoption.  Modern end users are typically very tech-savvy (the burgeoning influx of Millennials into the workforce is one cause of this), but some still find it difficult to manage video! Businesses should look into developing programmes that aid in higher rates of video adoption, but VaaS already offers ease-of-use technology and applications that improve the user experience.

Videoconferencing should be an option your organisation considers, and utilising all the tools you can to get the return on your investment is crucial. VaaS is multifaceted, and can increase productivity in your workforce. The less time is spent worrying about video tools and more on the task at hand, the better your chances of gaining an edge in a world that’s increasingly focused on time as the competitive edge.

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