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What can videoconferencing do for you?



Doron Youngerwood | Marketing Manager|Collaboration

Doron Youngerwood | Marketing Manager|Collaboration

When I first started using videoconferencing as a communication tool, I remember having to set up what seemed like half-a-dozen components and deal with issues with connectivity and video clarity. But since then, the technology has reshaped itself over and over again.  Now the camera is built right into my laptop, and with a single click I can log into videoconferencing tools like Cisco Jabber with little to no hassle. Desktop video systems are also becoming more pervasive and offer a higher quality user experience than software-based clients.

This rapid development is still leaving some of us spinning; we’re not really sure how to better integrate videoconferencing, and exactly how it can accelerate our businesses. My initial adoption of video came as our workforce became more and more globalised. It was a far more selective and difficult tool to use back then. Now, because it’s so accessible, it offers end users far more than we could’ve previously imagined. But what exactly can video do for your business?

The key to answering this question lies in analysing the way your business is currently handling its communications. How many in-person meetings are being scheduled? How long is it taking you to write all those emails? We have a lot of options for the way we communicate, but the fact of the matter is that in any of these exchanges, time is crucial.

We live in a world where the competitive edge is measured in time—how fast the next development is rolled out and implemented, how quickly we can innovate new technologies and ideas. Videoconferencing has the unique capacity to aid us in this. With the stable connectivity of well-implemented video tools, and accessibility to them, businesses can increase collaboration and communication across their far more globally dispersed workforces.

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Video Conferencing has evolved beyond all recognition, and these developments are set to accelerate as more and more organisations grasp the unique benefits it delivers.