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Your workspace is changing – can your network keep up?



Andre van Schalkwyk |  Group Practice Manager Consulting and Assessments | Networking

Andre van Schalkwyk | Group Practice Manager Consulting and Assessments | Networking

When I worked in an office for the first time, I wore a shirt and tie to work every day, kept to my desk, and followed the office rhythms as best I could. All meetings were face-to-face and everyone in the organisation worked in the same building.

Now, that style of business is changing. I now have the luxury of dressing more casually for work and interfacing with my global team by videoconferencing or email. The conventional office model is being replaced as more IT solutions come online that promote communication and collaboration remotely. Organisations are seeking out these solutions as their workforces become more diverse and globalised.

Your organisation should be contemplating this shift as more IT solutions are developed that make remote workspaces easier to develop and manage. You want to be able to leverage the opportunity to run more flexible teams, and with the right tools, you can more efficiently support work activities that require concentration or collaboration.

To handle developing these services for your organisation, it’s important to consider how your network will be affected, as well as solutions for handling network upgrading.

Integrating mobility infrastructure into your network is crucial. Ethernet used to be the standard, but as time has gone on, the wireless workplace has taken over. This has incredible cost savings: organisations can focus less on installing and maintaining cabling infrastructure, and focus more on the cheaper wireless solution.

However, a more mobile workspace presents its own set of challenges. More people work across a range of devices that all need to connect to your network. This can be taxing on IT if your infrastructure doesn’t include bandwidth solutions that can cope with the increasing connectivity. Developing the right balance can be difficult.

Better networking solutions are coming online to handle the workspace shift. From what I’ve seen, however, organisations are slow to act on them. It seems as though businesses are being reactive rather than proactive about developing solutions. Should your organisation take this approach, and what are the risks of doing so?

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With a shift in work styles, the emergence of the connected world, and the user as the new disruptive force, enterprise networks are under pressure to perform. For many organisations, they’ve become the platform for success to get the best from their people, data, and applications. But are organisations preparing their networks to handle these changes and connect all the dots?