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Patient Engagement; casting a wider net!



Cheryl Casales| Healthcare Strategist| Dimension Data

Cheryl Casales| Healthcare Strategist| Dimension Data

With all of the regulatory programs mandating patient engagement, how can you cast a wider net to ensure you maximize your ability to reach your patient population? By simplifying the technology used to enable patient communication.  A recent survey documented only 1/3 of patients have access to a patient portal, 1/3 were unaware they had access to their doctor’s portal, the remaining 1/3 did not have access.  Not every patient has access to a computer or Smartphone, or is willing to use a patient portal, yet every patient has access to a telephone. So how do you cast a wider net, leveraging the telephone? Integrated technology.

The same survey looked at patient satisfaction, asking those who used the portal what the top sources of frustration were for the patients, 34 percent said unresponsive staff, 33 percent said interface issues. The patients who used the portal were asked what features would prompt them to use the portal consistently, appointment scheduling, test and lab result viewing, and viewing bills and making payments. So can you engage patients leveraging the telephone, and provide these features? Yes, with integrated technology.

ACO, PCMH, MU, CPCi, PQRS, MSSP, oh my…what do they all have in common, you guessed it patient engagement. Whether it’s VDT(view, download, transmit), patient surveys, patient reminders, clinical summaries, patient education, summary of care, or patient secure messaging, patient engagement has grown significantly through various regulatory programs.  So can you really use the telephone to capture this information and engage more patients? Yes, with integrated technology.

Anyone else get tasking fatigue, dreading looking in your EHR inbox.   Well, you can limit the number of patient portal tasks by leveraging integrated technology.

So Cheryl… What’s the catch? What are you pitching to uses today? How disruptive will it be to our workflow? We really have technology implementation fatigue.

Chances are you may already have some of the solution components in place. You have an EHR, you have a patient portal, do you have Cisco phones? Do you have Cisco’s contact center? If yes, we are almost there. Dimension Data Healthcare’s subject matter experts will integrate your technology to leverage your Cisco phone system to talk to your EHR and Patient Portal. Are you ready to cast a larger net and engage more patients? Please let me know how I can help you.