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Strengthening cybersecurity at the Tour de France


Matthew Gyde | Group Executive | Security

Matthew Gyde | Group Executive | Security

A number of prominent security breaches has kept the topic of cybersecurity in the headlines over the past year. The stakes are getting higher, and businesses in all industry sectors have realised that they need to step up their game as cybercriminals become more bold and deliberate.

I’d like to share some perspectives on the importance and benefits of taking a proactive stance to cybersecurity, using Dimension Data’s technology partnership with the A.S.O. and the Tour de France as an example.

This high-profile partnership was announced in March this year and immediately resulted in a massive 56% increase in intruder activity on our perimeter. In fact, between March and the end of July – the duration of the Tour – we detected a total of 10,680,106 reconnaissance scans for weaknesses in the security perimeter. Of these, 4,536,398 specifically targeted our corporate website. This isn’t uncommon, as public websites are places where intruders often look for access to sensitive information that may not be generally available.

Fortunately, our cybersecurity experts had prepared well in advance to fend off such attacks.

Before the start of the Tour, we re-certified our information infrastructure against a stronger security standard, and transitioned from ISO 27001:2005 to ISO 27001:2013. We also undertook penetration testing of our public website and blog to ensure that adequate controls were in place.

During the duration of the race itself, we implemented our 24/7 monitoring and alerting service – Managed Security Services – within our own environment.

As a result of these efforts, we were able to maintain 100% system availability throughout the period and successfully thwarted 1,716 deliberate cyberattacks on our network perimeter.

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