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Finding workspaces at the Tour de France


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Ettienne Reinecke | Group Chief Technology Officer

Communication on the go, at every stage of the iconic race

When I use the word ‘workspace,’ what probably comes to mind first are stacks of cubicles pressed against one another, each assigned and dedicated to a given employee. Everyone shows up into the office, performs their work functions, and goes home. This is still a reality for many businesses and organisations today, and it’s an effective model for most.

However, the model is changing. More innovative companies are designing offices with unassigned workspaces (‘hot desking’) or less-traditional layouts for employees to work in.   is also shaping the change, with employees wanting to work from any device, any time, from any location. Furthermore, many businesses want to improve or enhance through the use of video, social media, and omni-channel communication. Innovations to the workspace and the way we deliver user experiences like these are radical shifts in the way we run businesses in the digital era.

But can you take that radical shift one step further? Could you set up a workspace in the hillsides of France, for example, one that you’d have to break down and move every day? The answer is yes, and that’s exactly what Dimension Data did at the Tour de France in 2015.

In 2015, Dimension Data became the official technology partner to the A.S.O., the organisation in charge of running the Tour de France. The solutions we were asked to develop required us to innovate, creating a virtual workspace we could dismantle and reassemble daily as the Tour moved on. With our big data truck and support teams across the globe working around the clock, we were running a 24-hour operation for every stage of this iconic race.

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Many things powered our success at the Tour de France, but the right collaborative tools and technology to support these tools was key. To keep our disparate teams in touch and working together, we used multiple communications and collaboration tools, including video conferencing, with many of these working. This cloud platform also powered our digital and analytics solution for the Tour de France, which allowed for a richer viewing experience of the race whether on television or accessing the latest information on social media.

Cloud, as fundamental business platform, can transform your organisations’ workspaces. It allows for collaborative work outside the traditional working environment. With the right management and expertise, it can empower your business to work anywhere and also raise your customer service to another level.