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A long-term IT partnership is like a marriage – so choose your partner with care!


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Johnny Gianniosis Business Development Manager

Johnny Gianniosis
Business Development Manager

Today, whether we like it or not, our world is driven by technology and therefore it’s critical as a business enabler.

For Zurich, the global insurance provider, its technology environment is essential for the worldwide delivery of services to its customers. And with changing contact methods, again frequently technology-based, Zurich’s customers have to be able to communicate with the organisation whenever and however they choose. Add to this the constant pace and pressure of business in the financial services market, a need to consolidate service providers, emerging developments and trends in technology, and a need to relocate your data centre – and you’ve got a lot on your plate! This is when you need a single, strong IT partner who can work with your community, jointly own the challenges you face, and meet your short-, medium-, and long-term technology aspirations.

Zurich realised that a long-term partnership could provide massive benefits, but this isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. You’re as good as married to the partner company for an extended period – so you have to understand the implications and choose your partner with care.zurich image the challenge


Zurich felt that its partner must have a similar geographical reach in terms of footprint and operations to support the more than 170 countries in which it operates. Also, it needed the technical expertise that would provide the confidence that its environments and exact requirements were completely understood. Dimension Data met Zurich’s criteria – work began to address Zurich’s business challenges, and the partnership blossomed.

Dimension Data’s Enterprise Services platform now provides a single point of contact and easier operational management for Zurich, while automation and self-service functionality has reduced the effort required to support the environment. In addition, the number of service providers has been reduced from seven to one. Careful planning and execution of the data centre relocation in just eight days was executed with no break in day-to-day operations. In fact, many employees weren’t even aware that anything had happened!

Today, the risk for Zurich’s customers has been reduced, and it has the confidence to better serve its customers around the world. “Dimension Data fitted perfectly into our current plans, as well as aligned with the goals we’ve set for the future”, says Colin Molepe, Zurich South Africa’s Chief Operating Officer.

So, the right partner can definitely help you achieve your ambitions, yet it’s vital to ask the right questions to ensure that it’s a marriage made in heaven.

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