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Manufacturers leading the charge in cross-border collaboration


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Raj Mistry– Group Vertical Sales Director

Raj Mistry– Group Vertical Sales Director

If you’re in the business of manufacturing, take some time to review the findings of recent research – undertaken by Ovum and sponsored by Dimension Data – into collaboration trends and strategies in the digital age. Some of the results might surprise you.

The 2016 Connected Enterprise Report surveyed 900 participants who have a significant influence in recommending, buying, and/or deploying unified communications and collaboration technologies within their businesses.

The Report indicates that manufacturers are comparatively advanced in their use of collaboration technology to drive operational and financial efficiencies. But, what’s most striking to me is the fact that they’re great at using these technologies to enable seamless interaction with partners, employees, and others outside the company – they’re not limiting their efforts to simply connecting their own employees.

This makes sense when you consider that many manufacturers need to interact with a highly distributed customer base. Two-thirds of IT respondents and 92% of line-of-business respondents said they have clients and business partners located in many countries. By comparison, only 46% of IT departments and 71% of lines of business across all industries, said their partners and customers are internationally distributed.

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As a result, manufacturers are more likely to turn to collaboration technology to interact with partners, support overseas customers, or both. Accordingly, manufacturers’ IT departments have become particularly adept at achieving this particular goal. If fact, four out of five report that they’ve successfully improved teamwork with partners and customers by using collaboration technology.

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The Report provides additional insights into collaboration trends in the manufacturing space, for example:

  • Compared with respondents across all industries, twice as many manufacturers – 12% versus 7% – say that the main aim of their collaboration strategy is to make business processes more efficient.
  • Lines of business are taking on more responsibility than ever before for the technology used within their departments and business units.

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For further information and insight, get the 2016 Connected Enterprise Report or Click here to explore the Manufacturing report

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