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5 ways to accelerate your business in the digital economy with SAP


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Scott Gibson Group Executive Digital Practice

Scott Gibson
Group Executive Digital Practice


In the digital era, data is the new asset class. With our partners Cisco and EMC, Dimension Data has a history in connecting our clients to new technologies, especially those in the cloud, that help them to thrive in the new digital landscape using best-in-class SAP solutions.




Here are five ways SAP can accelerate your journey to becoming a digital business:

  1. A scalable HANA cloud solution can help manage your ever-changing and growing SAP workloads on an agile, dynamic, and flexible platform – giving you high availability and matching your demand. With our ability to stage your SAP investment, we can create solutions to match your ambitions in a connected world.
  2. We believe smarter processes can unlock better ROI on your SAP investment. By monitoring the SAP environment, we’ve observed a shift in the consumption of reports. Reports that are the outcome of a process can often miss the mark. By moving your information along a value chain with a partner that is driven by optimisation, your business will gain from more relevant reports.
  3. Data analytics will allow you to turn insight into tangible actions – from the boardroom and into the rest of your organisation. In short, you need real-time information for a dynamic workforce. Dimension Data can provide a scalable SAP solution presenting more content in real-time – so you can start leveraging people, process, and technology.
  4. SAP allows you to translate the opportunities offered by digitisation into tangible business outcomes. Connecting devices to your digital core generates exponential opportunities. A HANA Cloud Platform allows integration of other solutions with your core SAP module in a true partner ecosystem – so you can expand your current portfolio to deliver richer solutions.
  5. Data is the core catalyst of your digital journey. Today information isn’t a list, a report, or a transaction information in the digital era is an opportunity to show your customers you know them. These insights are pulses of information that need to be wrapped in a narrative for your sales and marketing organisation to absorb. You can utilise SAP’s C4C and Hybris to build ominchannel competencies and predictive analytics to provide a personalised customer experience.

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Taking Africa to the cloud

Dimension Data recently announced our partnership with SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud  – the solution is being piloted in South Africa, from our local data centre, but will soon expand into the rest of Africa. The enterprise cloud platforms provides agility, flexibility, and greater value for money for those taking the next step on their digital journey.

A robust platform, with global potential

We also launched our Cloud Services for SAP to this market, with plans to roll out the platform to seven countries in the next six months. The Services are built on Dimension Data’s existing Managed Cloud Platforms, which are globally certified by SAP, allowing us to host and manage our clients’ non-SAP applications as part of a single service level agreement.

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