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Contact centre industry ready to CX-plode!



Group Principal Director : Customer Experience

Robert Allman | Group Principal Director : Customer Experience

Demand for seamless customer experience is the top industry trend for contact centres in 2016

Is the global contact centre industry on the cusp of a services revolution? According to our 2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report it is. Based on responses from 1,320 participants, the Report shows that this is being enabled by digital, analytics, and rapid advancements in technology systems.

Customer experience (CX) is driving self-and assisted-service channels and business transformation, and the customer is at the heart of this. Personalisation of services, enabled by analytics, was voted the top trend that will change the industry in next five years.

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By focusing on CX, organisations are recognising that they can drive revenue, improve loyalty, and reduce their costs through greater efficiency. According to the Report , digital channels will drive proactive outbound activity, pre-empting customer needs and reducing costs – more than 30% of respondents have capability now, but this is set to double by the end of 2016.

Proactive automation already comes in third, behind phone and email, for initiating contact on service enquiry updates, sales and marketing, and default notifications.

9 channel options – the new reality

As customer journeys span a combination of the nine different contact channels now being offered by contact centres, organisations are intent on connecting the journey, and improving consumer experiences. Full channel integration is set to treble within the next two years.

Customer journey mapping has emerged as a top five-year trend, alongside analytics, that will reshape the industry. But for now capability is lacking and less than 20% of respondents could locate problem hotspots that affect their CX.

Cloud moves up on the agenda

Those organisations using hosted cloud technologies in their contact centres are reporting an even greater impact on their businesses. Across the industry, plans to locate technology in the cloud are trebling, with a majority of organisations leaning towards a hybrid cloud solution that blends legacy systems with new.

However, while digital technology is fast transforming the industry, advancements in CX are often being slowed by people, and not the technology itself, which needs design, ownership, and a human touch to be effective.

Looking ahead, a deeper level of analytics is going to help organisations identify opportunities to pre-empt customer needs, and use automation to proactively personalise services. If applied effectively, it will revolutionise the future of CX and help differentiate services from competitors.


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