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Breaking down barriers in collaboration



Ian Heard |Group Senior Vice President : Collaboration

Ian Heard |Group Senior Vice President : Collaboration

Can an app reinvent unified communications?

If you’re planning a party or a social event, long gone are the days when you’d send out invitations by post or even pick up the phone to invite family and friends. Today you simply create a group on WhatsApp or Snapchat – where people can respond and interact with you almost immediately, and you can get on with your planning without delay. Everyone feels in touch – not just with you, but with other people in the group too.


Is business lagging behind in collaboration?

Technology has changed the way we connect, communicate, and collaborate in our private lives – and its impact is felt in our business lives too. Are you wondering why email suddenly feels stiff and slow? Flying across the world for a meeting time-consuming and exhausting? Frustrated at not being up to date on critical projects or being able to reach out to other team members in real-time? It’s because we know there’s a smarter and more productive way of getting things done. If you’ve felt the frustration, you can be sure your partners, suppliers – and customers – have felt it too. And yet, many businesses haven’t yet enabled the fluid, flexible, and familiar user experience we experience in our social lives to a business scenario.


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We’ve seen the evidence first hand. Our 2016 Connected Enterprise Report shows that almost 40% of organisations don’t have a unified communications and collaboration strategy. Many struggle to break down collaboration silos or enable transformation technologies, like cloud, to improve their collaboration.


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The smart application for your digital business

Top technology vendors, like Cisco, have realised that businesses want to get the most of their Cisco voice, messaging, and conferencing services without making more costly investments.
Cisco Spark is a recently launched app that delivers these services from the cloud. A ‘one-touch’ solution is changing the way people stay in touch at work – both in the office or working elsewhere. Collaboration is now in one place – so people can interact, work iteratively, and become more agile and productive.


And if cloud is the way forward … why deal with the complexity alone?

As much as you’ve realised cloud is the answer, you’ve probably also realised that it’s not always possible to move all your unified communications to the cloud – especially if you have concerns around security and compliancy.
Dimension Data’s Cisco Spark Hybrid solution takes the headache out of migrating to the cloud – by linking your on-premises assets, like voice, to the cloud-based messaging and meeting capabilities of Cisco Spark.
As organisations look to make staying in touch and getting things done easier for their people – and enable new cloud or hybrid models in their IT environment to support these solutions – Cisco Spark is well-positioned to maximise unified communications without the cost or complexity.


It’s exciting to see the next wave of collaboration solutions giving more thought to how people work and how they want to communicate in a changing business world and workplace. It’s even more exciting to be part of the solution.


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