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Transforming the data centre with big data analytics


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Lawrence van Deusen | Group Networking Practice Director: Wired and Wireless

Lawrence van Deusen | Group Networking Practice Director: Wired and Wireless

Kevin Leahy | Group General Manager - Data Centres

Kevin Leahy | Group General Manager – Data Centres

The Internet of Things shows no sign of slowing down – what was once seen as a trend is a reality in the age of digital business.





By 2020, Cisco predicts that 37 billion things will be connected to the Internet. The amount of data that this will generate and aggregate will be staggering.  We are firmly in the age of big data.


What will digital business need to do in order to keep up?

One of the transformations I think is needed is in the data centre. Traditionally, data centres focus on hardware and processing existing information at the highest rate possible. Cloud computing is changing all that. Resources are now virtually limitless, and computing becomes more about the relevant data than computing power.
Because of innovations like cloud computing, organisations can focus on building their data centres around information versus hardware. This is a forward-thinking approach, and planning for it now allows you to better transform your data centre at the pace of today’s changing data environment.


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How are businesses exploring new opportunities and technologies?

Recently Dimension data sponsored an IDC Technology Spotlight on the world of big data infrastructure. What struck me is the unprecedented rate of growth of this market – it far outstrips the rest of the IT market.
While bold and competitive businesses are looking to explore the exponential opportunities of the expanding era of big data and analytics, it is not without complexity. It requires IT transformation at an unprecedented scale.
Business imperatives – such as strategy and changing operating models – must be matched with technology components like storage, IT security, analytics software, and WAN, as well as consulting and business process outsourcing services.


Is our entire relationship and understanding of data changing?

Right now, organisations need to prepare for how they’re going to handle that mind shift and adapt it to the new variable speed of business. If data is becoming the new currency in digital business, we all need to be making sure we know the exchange rate. Adapting our data centres to focus on information versus hardware is a smart way to do that.

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Watch this Google Hangout where Kevin Leahy and Lawrence van Deusen discuss big data and the Internet of Things: