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3 critical questions for mitigating cyber risk



Is your business asking the right questions when it comes to cybersecurity?

Craig Jett | VP, Global Security Portfolio and Product Management | Dimension Data

Craig Jett | VP, Global Security Portfolio and Product Management

As organisations aspire to create futureproof workspaces for tomorrow and harness the benefits of a mobile workforce, there is a greater need than ever to ensure secure data, infrastructure, applications, and users wherever they may reside.

As businesses transition towards digital transformation to meet the evolving needs of employees, workspaces require robust security tools to mitigate cyber threats. The onset of IoT means that devices, things, applications, and even environments are connected online – opening up many new channels for cyber criminals to exploit.

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If your organisation is serious about cybersecurity, then you should be asking yourself these three questions:

When was the last time your workspace went through a cyber-health check?

Just like how we undergo check-ups to determine our health, the same applies for your cybersecurity – performing thorough risk assessments that go beyond meeting compliance needs. As your data sits on multiple devices and infrastructures, it is important to perform data classification: data types, where it’s located, and the required access rights and protection levels. A vulnerability assessment across all devices is essential in identifying gaps cyber attackers may potentially exploit.

Do you know the cyber threats attacking your workspace right now?

Just as your organisation monitors its physical security breaches, the same principle should apply to cybersecurity. Enterprises should consider Security Operation Centres (SOCs) to monitor  threats in real-time, manage security solutions, and react to risk indicators before an attack. Regular drills should be conducted to ensure security analysts are well prepared.

Do you have a competent service provider as your secured business partner for workspace transformation?

In the journey towards establishing a cyber-resilient enterprise, you may be daunted by the challenges of acquiring and integrating advanced security solutions, monitoring threats, performing regular risk assessments, and sourcing manpower with the right expertise. Your business should consider leveraging security services from a  provider with in-depth expertise in understanding the current and future needs of end-user computing. This will allow your organisation to execute transformation initiatives using a structured end-user computer development framework designed with security in mind.



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