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5 reasons why team-rooming is your answer to effective collaboration



Dino Marasco | Group Customer Experience & Collaboration SVP: Business Development

Dino Marasco | Group Customer Experience & Collaboration SVP: Business Development

Is your team on the same page when it comes to collaboration?

The thought of multi-national team collaboration – a nightmare, right? A juggling act of challenges: lack of face-to-face time, network lags, time zones that are difficult to plan around, not to mention the need for endless status and review meetings. And recent technologies (email, Skype, instant messaging) only solve parts of the problem.

But what if you had a permanent virtual workspace?

Team-rooming is exactly that – an online workspace, a collaboration platform for organisations living in a mobile-first, digital-first world.
Users can share files and documents, and can immediately escalate contact from instant messaging to videoconferencing, as and when required. Let’s face it, 60% of people work not only in different locations, but also in different time zones, while others work out-of-office. An online collaboration tool that is immediately accessible and accommodating – it’s all you need to make the difference in your organisation’s collaboration quality.

So how will team-rooming benefit your team’s collaboration?

1) No presence like time

Different locations. Different time zones. Same conversation. No more planning awkward call times that have one half of the team at an early breakfast, the other at a pre-midnight snack.
A team-rooming tool is a lot like a social app, like WhatsApp, but with a richer enterprise collaboration functionality.

2) These tools are made for talking

In-person meetings tend to be ongoing discussions. Team-rooming’s collaborative workshop means ideas, discussions, documents, presentations, and video and voice recordings are shared in real-time, as they happen.

3) Less meetings, more greetings

Less formal meetings a reality? Absolutely. Most of the discussion points would have already been resolved during the collaboration stage. With file upload – which includes any type of presentation, document, video, and more – feedback is accelerated and immediate.

4) Client interaction

With team-rooming, your clients, partners, and supply chain can be included in the room – meaning that any questions can be immediately posed to the client about aspects of the document or project, rather than waiting for an official review session. Immediate feedback equals agile reiteration of your strategic positioning, increased decision-making, and moving forward on the action plan.

5) Dream team

Best of all, team-rooming allows your team members to work when and how they want, and yet still be part of ongoing conversations across time zones. A productive, involved team almost guarantees effective team work. And isn’t that what effective collaboration is all about?

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