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5 reasons to strive to be a Global Top Employer



Marilyn Chaplin | Dimension Data Group Executive – People and Culture.

Marilyn Chaplin | Dimension Data Group Executive – People and Culture.

One of my proudest moments of 2017 so far is seeing Dimension Data being certified by the Top Employers Institute as a Global Top Employer for the third year running.

I’m often asked what it takes to earn such an accolade, and why’s it something we set our sights on.

The programme is rigorous; this certainly isn’t a certification you can ‘buy’. The stringent criteria on which companies are evaluated include talent management, leadership, training and development, and initiatives to attract, retain, and engage employee talent. And the results are audited by an external company.


So the standards are high – and that was one reason I was drawn to this programme. Here are some of the others.

1. It raises the bar

Dimension Data is a company that likes to set ambitious goals.

One of our ambitions, as a global organisation with a strong and cohesive culture, is to measure how consistent we are around the world. We also want to make sure that we’re setting the bar high ─ and continually raising it ─ so that we can attract and retain the talent we need to execute our strategy.

The detailed feedback we get from the Top Employer’s Institute every year helps us to keep on making improvements.

2. It matters to clients

I believe our clients appreciate knowing they’re working with a company that’s been certified as a Global Top Employer. It’s particularly important in a services-led business like ours where our people are our true source of differentiation.

Every day, our clients entrust their business-critical systems to our teams and we often become an extension of their business. The only way we can deliver exceptional value to them is by having the best people – people who deliver with excellence, consistently, across the globe.

3. It makes our people proud

Our people tell me they get a deep sense of pride from working for a certified Global Top Employer. It provides them with independent confirmation that they’re working for an organisation that’s objectively rated as one of the best in the world.

And of course, it gives us a great opportunity to attract new talent to our business – it’s a very credible badge.

4. It pushes us to reinvent HR

Ensuring that we maintain our Top Employer status will take hard work. Our industry is moving fast and HR technologies are evolving at speed. Prospective employees’ expectations of employers are intensifying. So HR really needs to continue reinventing itself.

We need to recognise that our purpose is to provide a service to the business, so we have to understand its broader challenges. Only then can we be sure we have the skills, where they’re needed, to help our clients accelerate their ambitions.

5. It puts HR in a marketing mindset

Social media has brought such transparency to talent attraction. Today people are using their personal social networks and websites such as Glassdoor to form an impression of your organisation. So employees will have judged your company long before you’ve had a chance to tell them what you have to offer. This is the world that HR has to compete in today.

It’s even harder when you’re in an industry like ours where there’s a war for talent. That’s why I believe we need to bring a marketing mindset to the HR function. We need to start reaching the people we want to attract through targeted, one-to-one social strategies.

So, we’ll be putting ourselves forward for certification as a Global Top Employer again next year, in even more countries, because we believe it helps our people, our clients, and our own business to be independently accredited as one of the best employers in the world.

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